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B Fachada - Há festa na Mouraria 2010

B Fachada is the stage name of Bernardo Cruz Fachada (Lisbon, 1984), is a Portuguese singer-songwriter and multi-instrumentalist, married to Mané Pacheco, a Portuguese visual artist.
He collaborated with Tiago Pereira on the documentary Contemporary Oral Tradition (2008) . In 2009 it reaches some protagonism with the discs A Weekend of the Golden Pony and B Facade.
B Fachada was part of the group Devil on the Cross, from where it left after the recordings of the disc Popular Roque.
In 2010 launches Festa Na Vivienda on the internet and in vinyl edition. At the end of the year he edits the album B Fachada É Pra Meninos to have great prominence in the Portuguese press. He performs in various venues and festivals, such as the CCB, Optimus Alive 2012, the Seated People Festival in 2011, the Super Bock Super Rock 2011 in Meco on the EDP stage, or the Super Bock in Stock 2010.
At the moment, it makes available all its discs (that in the majority of cases are exhausted) for direct download and sale in Bandcamp:
In 2015 the project "Violência Eletrodoméstica" began with Xavier Almeida, under the name of Pato Bravo.

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